Scratching Brushes Produced for Animal Welfare

When animal welfare is mentioned, the conditions and lifestyles in which animals have lived in their natural lives for 100 thousand years should come to mind. Animal comfort is a part of animal welfare. Farm animals have a very important place in human life. As a result of the processes in our world, within the scope of industrialization, increasing productivity has become the first priority of every business. Animal production, on the other hand, is very different from machine production, and it occurs by living things, which are the most important factors it contains. When the subject is a living creature, the factors involved increase considerably.

Farm animals, which provide a large part of this production, are faced with a lot of environmental stress factors during the day. Examples of this are heat stress, crowding, infectious diseases, poor ventilation, poor flooring, uncomfortable bedding, poor management or animal handling. The fact that animals are faced with such stress factors for a long time is a difficult process for both them and the farmer to cope with and manage. In addition to all these environmental factors, diseases that occur in animals greatly reduce animal productivity. If it is necessary to count the types of diseases that occur in the skin of cattle as a result of the environment they are in; Dermatophilosis, BVD-MD, smallpox of sheep, goats, LSD (Lumpy Skin Disease = Nodular exanthema of cattle), Baldness (Trichophytosis), Pyoderma, zinc deficiency, Demodicosis, Scabies (chorioptic, psoroptic, sarcoptic), Caseous lymphadenitis (Sheep pseudotuberculosis = Abscess disease), Nocardiosis, skin tuberculosis, leukosis, skin anthrax, papillomas, external parasites such as ticks, lice and fleas are among the main problems. While there are so many skin diseases affecting cattle, we come across Automatic Animal Scratching Brushes by eliminating this problem.